Monday, October 17, 2011

The White Party

To an outsider it must have looked like a cult gathering. Fifty people, all dressed in white, making their way through the Medina of Fez. It was, however, not as esoteric. The "White Party" was a celebration of the return to the Fez Medina of two people who had been away on a "Greek Odyssey". The View from Fez's features editor, Suzanna Clarke reports:

Like migrating birds, every summer Vincent and Vanessa fly to foreign shores. This year it was a Greek villa, where they made life a lot more comfortable for the rich and famous. Last weekend the international Fez community was delighted to welcome them home at a party held at their place.

The gathering included first time visitors to Fez, like Pim from Amsterdam (left), as well as new resident Gigi, who has taken over as director of the American Fonduk - a charity which heals horses and mules in the Medina. 

Among other attendees was Kleo (left), owner of Dar Attajalli, who also teaches yoga workshops.

Yussef, who works runs the Computer Lab and Film Library at the American Language Center, and is also finishing a Masters degree - an engaging and brilliant conversationalist!

Ricky, whose advice on gardens is invaluable; Rose who owns Dar Zerhoune, and yoga teacher Serge.

From left, Bec and Keira from the UK, Rose, and on the right Yussef and Michele, owners of Yomiko Travel.

Photos: Suzanna Clarke


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