Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fountain Restoration in the Fez Medina

The Fonduk Lihoudi fountain in the north of the Medina is the latest of the many neglected fountains in the Fez Medina to be restored, thanks to the riad booking agency, Fez Riads.

Fez Riads was set up with the express intention of supporting restoration work in the Fez Medina carried out in a private capacity. This work has been going on since back in December 2006, funded by the guesthouses represented by Fez Riads, with each of the guesthouses contributing a minimum of 2% of clients' accommodation costs to the restoration fund.

The fountain before
The fountain after repair work
Noureddine Hilal

The Fonduk Lihoudi fountain is the largest project undertaken so far and was completed in eleven days by the Zelliji and plasterer Noureddine Hilal from the restoration company T2M. 

The work involved not only massive cleaning of mould and calcification, but also replacement of missing zellij, and repair of large chunks of plaster that had been damaged by fire.

This is important work and much appreciated by local Fez residents. Fez Riads and the T2M team are to be congratulated.

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Anonymous said...

Une généreuse initiative! Bravo!