Monday, November 14, 2011

A Joyful Moroccan Wedding

The first Saturday after the festive Eid al-Adha holiday is one of the most popular times for Moroccan weddings. Every wedding reception hall in Fez was in full swing last Saturday, but none more than the wedding of Abdoulhadi Bouzidi-Idrissi and Yousra Elalaoui Hachimi.

The Bouzidi-Idrissi family are an important and much loved family in Fez and the wedding was the one to be at on Saturday. The guest list included not only the extended families, but also members of the French, English, American, Australian and New Zealand expat communities.

From around five in the afternoon until the early hours of the morning the wedding developed into a joyful and spirited party!

The View from Fez was honoured to be invited.

There is an expanded version of this photographic essay on our Photo Journal.

The family and bride and groom assemble outside the venue, in preparation for the grand entry
The bride, Yousra Elalaoui Hachimi, is carried in on a wedding throne
The dancing began in an enthusiastic manner and eventually became frenetic!
As the tempo of the music increased, the dancers became a blur or light and colour!
With each change of wedding dress for the bride,
there was a change of wedding chair to match
Yousra was treated to some beautiful henna designs
After lots of sitting and being carried around, it was obvious
that Yousra and Abdoulhadi enjoyed the chance to dance
The most traditional of the bride's dresses is known as the "Fassia" - the dress from Fez.

Every moment was a "photo opportunity" - even signing the wedding documents
The cutting of the wedding cake was followed by a touching "feeding" moment!
The wedding dinner was served at about 11.30 pm and was a traditional feast and much enjoyed
 See the expanded photographic essay our Photo Journal 
Photographs: Suzanna Clarke and Sandy McCutcheon



barn weddings said...

Wonderful, It's a joyous event really.

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Wonderful but veryyyy expansive :o

Novelty Ties said...

I really like their wedding ceremony. So unique. But I guess it's very expensive.