Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fez Weather Update

Sitting in an outdoor cafe in Fez at this time of year can be a chilly experience and, for some, an unexpected one. "I thought because it was Africa, Morocco would be warm," said a Canadian tourist. "Fortunately I brought warm clothes for when I go to France."

The misapprehension about the Moroccan winter climate is a common one, with an upside for the shopkeepers who sell warm clothes, gloves, long-johns and scarves.

If you are heading to Fez in the next week or so, you can expect the temperatures to remain very cool. Today there is expected to be a wind between 10 and  22 kph from the WSW which will produce a chill factor.  The wind should decrease during the day as it swings NNW and then to the East around midnight at less than 3 kph.


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