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The Fez Sacred Music Festival Program 2012

Here is the program for the afternoon and night concerts at the 2012 Fez Festival of World Sacred Music. (Programme du Festival de Fès des Musiques Sacrées du Monde 2012)

« Cette roue sous laquelle nous tournons est pareille à une lanterne magique. Le soleil est la lampe ; le monde l'écran ; Nous sommes les images qui passent. »
"This wheel in which we turn is like a magic lantern. The sun is the lamp, the world a screen, and we are the images that pass. "
 - Omar Khayyam

Friday June 8  
Bab Al Makina 8.30pm Opening Night: A tribute to Omar Khayyam, Director: Tony Gatlif. With a unique stage design, artists from East and West Asia Central to Egypt, Iran, Italy, will "re-enchant" the work of the great poet Omar Khayyam.

Tony Gatlif is well known for directing musicals and making films that capture the essence and emotion of oriental or Sufi Music. His work honouring the great poet Omar Khayyam will symbolise the theme of the 18th Annual World Sacred Music Festival, "re-enchanting the world". Tony Gatlif has produced this work in collaboration with Dr. Faouzi Skali and Alain Weber. Dr. Faouzi Skali is the Director of Fez Spirit Foundation and an expert on Sufism. Alain Weber is the Artistic Director of the Sacred Music Festival. This powerful collaboration will introduce to you artists from central Asia and other parts of the world in this improvised scenography.

Soirée d’ouverture : Création en Hommage à Omar Khayyâm Mise en scène : Tony Gatlif Dans une scénographie inédite, des artistes, d’Orient et d’Occident, d’Asie centrale à l’Egypte, de l’Iran à l’Italie, ré enchanteront l’œuvre du grand poète Omar Khayyâm.

Archie Shepp
Saturday June 9 
Batha Museum 4.00 p.m: The Gipsy Sentimento Paganini Ensemble from Hungry directed by Gyula Horváth - The Hungarian Gypsy violin virtuoso, with the traditional music of central Europe

Musée Batha 16h00 Ensemble Gipsy Sentimento Paganini Dirigé par Gyula Horváth – Hongrie. La virtuosité tsigane, de Liszt à la musique traditionnelle d’Europe centrale.

Bab Al Makina 8.30 p.m:   Creation - presented by Archie Shepp - USA.

Creation - The roots of blues and gospel. Archie Shepp (born May 24, 1937) is a prominent African-American jazz saxophonist. Shepp is best known for his passionately Afrocentric music

Bab Al Makina 20h30 Une création d’Archie Shepp – USA. Création - Aux racines du blues et du gospel

Sunday June 10 
Batha Museum 4.00pm: Sheikh Yasin al-Tuhami - Egypt The master of l'nshad suffiya, singing Sufi music from Upper Egypt. His interpretation of these poems, remains true to the people of Gallabiyas in the outback of the Nile.

Musée Batha 16h00 Sheikh Yasin al‐Tuhami – Egypte Le maître de l’nshad suffiya, le chant soufi de Haute‐Egypte Bab

Al Makina 8.30 pm: Wadih al Safi - From Lebanon with George and Lotfi al Safi Bouchnak.

Bab Al Makina 20h30 Wadih al Safi ‐ Liban Avec George al Safi et Lotfi Bouchnak.

Monday June 11
Batha Museum 4pm: Mukhtiyar Ali - Rajasthan - India performing the mystical songs of the great poet Kabi.

No concert at Bab Al Makina as this is the first "NIGHT IN THE MEDINA"  (See detailed information here)

Dar Mokri 8.00pm and 10:00pm:  Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat - Sisters performing the mystical songs from Iran

Dar Adyel  9.00 pm.10.30pm: Ihsane Rmiki - Morocco showcasing the art of Al Andalus Mouwachahates. Ihsane Rmiki is a great traditional artist who will sing Samaa and Madih. They capture one of the Sufi themes, pure love, and celebrate the joy and ecstasy that it provokes.

Since their first visit to western Europe back in 1991, Taraf de Haïdouks
have been considered as the epitome of Gypsy music's fabulous vitality
Batha Museum 8.00 p.m: Taraf de Haïdouks  - Romania. The troupe of Romani-lăutari (traditional gypsy musicians) from the town of Clejani, are the most prominent such group in Romania in the post-Communist Era. Two performances of the group were in the 1993 French film Latcho Drom by Tony Gatlif

Batha Museum 10.00 pm: Mory Kouyaté Djely and Jean-Philippe Rykiel - France-Guinea Voice and piano music capturing the soul of Africa.

Tuesday June 12 
Batha Museum 4.00pm:  Classical performance in collaboration with the MITO ((Milano – Torino Festival Settembre Musica) Dufay: Missa Ave regina caelorum / Ecce ancilla Domini - the Mass of William Dufa

Mardi 12 juin Musée Batha 16h00 Spectacle Classique en collaboration avec le MITO Settembre Musica Ecce Ancilla Domini et Ave Regina caelorum, messes de Guillaume Dufay

No concert at Bab Al Makina as this is the second"NIGHT IN THE MEDINA"

Dar Mokri 8.00pm: and 10.00pm Rabbi Haim Louk and the entire Arab-Andalusian Orchestra of Fez led by Mohammed Briouel. The art of matrouz, Arabic and Hebrew poetry.

Dar Adyel 8.00pm and 10.00pm: Cherif, the poet of the Middle Atlas - Morocco

Batha Museum 9:00 pm: Arabesques Rocío Márquez, singing Christian Boissel, piano and composition Performing the poems of "Divan del Tamarit 'by Federico Garcia Lorca

Wednesday June 13

No concert at Bab Al Makina as this is the third "NIGHT IN THE MEDINA"

Dar Mokri 8.00pm: and 10.00pm: Rompesaraguey - This seven member group comes from a very small town in Cuba. Vocals, guitar, cymbals, counter bass, trumpet, banjo, keyboard, and the magnificent voice of its soloist, Niurka Cancio interpret very well the spiritual tonadas of the puntu peasant in the style of la Santeria.

Dar Adyel 8.00pm: and 10.00pm:  Terra Mayor - France Archaic and sacred songs of the people Occitan

Batha Museum 9:00 p.m. The Song of Songs; A Tribute to Mahmoud Darwish by Rodolph Burger

Cultural Complex Sidi Med Ben Youssef 10:30 p.m. Ensemble Ibn Arabi -

Thursday June 14
Batha Museum 4pm
Nour Ensemble - France-Iran. Nine artists, French and Persian, singers and instrumentalists, are combining their own musical tradition to reinterpret traditional Kurdish, Persian and European repertoire.
The Noor Ensemble
The Noor Ensemble come from a sacred western tradition that existed between the 15th and 17th centuries, and present the spiritual and mystical polyphonic chants of Persian and Kurdish lineage.

 Bab Al Makina 8:30 p.m. The Sama'a, the spiritual song, from East to West The nobility of sacred song in Muslim tradition.

Jeudi 14 Juin Musée Batha 16h00 Ensemble Nour – France‐Iran Polyphonies chrétiennes et chant mystique persan.

Bab Al Makina 20h30 Le Sama’a, le chant spirituel, de l’Orient à l’Occident La noblesse du chant  sacré dans la tradition musulmane

Friday June 15
Batha Museum 4pm
Sanam Marvi - Sufi Chants from Pakistan. Sanam Marvi was born in Hyderabad in Sindh province. Her father is sufi singer Faqeer Ghulam Rasool. Sanam started training at the age of seven and used to accompany her father to his performances at various shrines of sufis in Pakistan, including Sindh and Punjab.
Sanam Marvi 
Sanam later trained under the great Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. She sings celebrated Sufi poems, such as Bulleh Shah, in the particular style of Kafi of Punjab - a cross between Sindhi and Sikh harmonies.

 Bab Al Makina 8:30 p.m. Björk - Biophilia-Iceland -  between plant magic and fantasy media, an ode dedicated to the technological diversity of nature and the universe. See our story on Björk here.
Vendredi 15 Juin Musée Batha 16h00 Sanam Marvi – Pakistan Chants soufis du Sindh

Bab Al Makina 20h30 Björk – Biophilia ‐Islande Entre féérie végétale et fantaisie multimédia, une ode technologique dédiée à la diversité de la nature et de l’univers

Anuj Mishra and Arjun
Saturday June 16
Batha Museum 4pm
Anuj Mishra and Arjun - Kathak Dance from India

Bab Al Makina 8:30 p.m. Joan Baez - United States.
The legendary voice of American folk music. See our story here.

Samedi 16 Juin Musée Batha 16h00 Anuj et Arjun Mishra ‐ danse kathak – Inde

Bab Al Makina 20h30 Joan Baez – USA La voix légendaire de la  musique populaire américaine

NOTE: Any changes to the programme will be published on The View from Fez as soon as they are received.


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