Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hidden Waters (‘Les eaux cachées’) ~ First Screening in Fez

After a year of hard work Joe Lukawski was happy to finally show his 52 minute documentary on water in Fez. Hidden Waters (‘Les eaux cachées’) is an examination of the ancient water system in Fez, water’s commodification, and some illuminating urban planning initiatives aimed at cleaning up the rivers of the city.

The screening of the film took place before a capacity crowd at Dar Batha courtesy of the l’Institut Français de Fès.

Joe Lukawski - a job well done

The result of Joe Lukawski and editor Armand Jayet's work is a thorough examination of the problems surrounding water in Fez. The impressive lineup of commentators in the film gives the documentary exactly the gravitas the subject deserves. It was, however noticeable that only one of the interviewees was a woman. The use of archival footage adds an interesting historical perspective. While most people have been aware of the issue of pollution, the film confronts the viewer with the stark reality of the size of the problem.

The narration by Cecile Houizot-Nanot was handled superbly.

The View from Fez team congratulate Joe and Armand on a job well done.

Photo of Joe by Sandy McCutcheon

The French Institute is also to be congratulated for support given by Institute director Philippe Laleu.


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