Friday, January 08, 2016

2016 ~ The Year of the Moroccan Babouche!

If the fashion pundits are to be believed, 2016 will be the year of the babouche. Yes, the famous Moroccan slipper is making another comeback (the last time was in the 17th century)

Traditional men's babouche - cheap and comfortable

But if the image in your head is of the traditional yellow or white slippers, then think again.

Fashion firms say that the backless flat is the must-have shoe, cool and insouciant. Gucci introduced them last season, as a chic fur-lined leather loafer, and the trend has continued with Wang, Victoria Beckham, Opening Ceremony and Narciso Rodriguez jumping on the babouche bandwagon and offeringup their own twist on the style for their pre-fall collections.

The Céline version should set you back about £500 and will no doubt sell out, leaving the less well-off fashionistas searching for a cheaper, “more authentic” pair.  And the good news? You can buy the real thing in Fez for around £8. So, with a cheap flight to Fez, a weekend in a classy riad and your babouche - you are way ahead of the game!

Hot fashion item - Women's babouche on sale in Fez

Even The Times in London has taken note of the babouche trend, albeit with a satirical piece...

Oi! Aladdin! Don’t you know panto season’s over, mate?  I beg your pardon? Are you talking to me? 
To you and your funny pointy shoes, yeah. Off to catch a ride on a magic carpet, are you? Honestly, the indignities I suffer in the name of aesthetics. These are not “funny, pointy shoes”, they are predicted to be the “shoe of 2016” by people who know a lot more about this sort of thing than you do.
I know an Aladdin shoe when I see one.
Then perhaps you’ll also know that this style of footwear is called a “babouche”? And that it originated in Morocco, thereby making your laboured Aladdin joke both geographically and politically incorrect.

You what?  The babouche has been crafted by Moroccan artisans and worn by Bedouins for more than a thousand years. They became trendy in Paris during the 17th century and were resurrected in that very same city last year by the Céline designer and fashion oracle Phoebe Philo. Victoria Beckham’s done a pair too — it’s just a matter of minutes before they end up in Topshop.
Babouche fashion - at a price

And the name babouche? The word comes from the Persian papus بابوش composed of pa (foot) and pus (cover). In France, from the XVI century when they were very popular, the name appears as papouch or babuc.

And, if you think it is only the babouche that is in fashion, take time to check out Dolce & Gabbana's Luxury hijab collection.

Muslim chic - he hijab - now a fashion hit.

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