Saturday, January 09, 2016

Nine-Year-Old Breaches Fes-Saïss Airport Security

Questions are being asked about security at the Fes-Saïss airport after an incident on Monday when a nine-year-old homeless boy managed to avoid police, customs and video surveillance before boarding a RyanAir flight to Frankfurt in Germany. Security and intelligence services have opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the security breach

Given the seriousness of the incident, the Governor of the Fez-Meknes region went to the airport to monitor the progress of the investigation.

According to the Moroccan daily, Al Akhbar Al Yaoum, the boy was only apprehended after a flight attendant conducted a head count prior to takeoff and discovered there was an extra passenger on board. The small boy had carefully prepared his plan and, despite being homeless, had dressed in smart clothes so as not to attract attention.

When the flight attendant asked the child his ticket, he claimed he was a Syrian refugee but eventually admitted to being Moroccan born in Meknes and having no ticket or passport.

Al Akhbar Al Yaoum reported that the homeless boy’s successful boarding of the plane exposed security flaws in the checkpoints at the Fes-Saïss Airport terminals, which could have serious consequences.

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Sir Murray Rivers QC said...

Good thing he didn't have access to a pilot's uniform.

Ibn Warraq said...

Good point Sir Murray - and why hadn't they asked for help from the NTMU?

Sir Murray Rivers QC said...

The kid was a member of the Fez branch of the NTMU. How do you think he got on the plane?

Sir Murray Rivers QC said...

He was a junior member of the Fez NTMU. How do you think he got on the plane?