Friday, February 12, 2016

Ikea In Casablanca May Open Soon

Morocco's squabble with Ikea may soon be resolved. The Moroccan authorities have issued Ikea Morocco the document that was missing for the opening of the store at new Zenata Eco-City centre located on the eastern outskirts of Casablanca

On February the 11th Ikea received its "certificate of conformity" from the Moroccan authorities. The absence of this document was the official pretext for the cancellation of the opening of the Swedish furniture store. The commission responsible for issuing the certificate had conducted a monitoring visit in the store on the February the 10th.

The store still needs the endorsement of Inter Ikea Systems, the entity that manages the franchise brand around the world, to open the store. During a "test day" in the presence of the families of employees that will take place on 22 February, Inter Ikea Systems will decide whether or not it can deliver its agreement.

The hypothetical opening of the store does not automatically mean the end of the crisis at Ikea. Employees have been complaining about the "deleterious social climate" and plan to inform Inter Ikea Systems about what they feel is the pressure they are under from the top management. Employees have been quoted in the Moroccan media as saying "if the store is technically ready to open, morally it is a different story. We no longer want to work with those few people who do not respect the values ​​of Ikea or even labour law".

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