Friday, February 12, 2016

Morocco - No Zika Virus, But On Alert

According to the Moroccan Ministry of Health no cases of the Zika virus have been found in the country

The Ministry issued a statement saying that after consultation and coordination with "the relevant partners" and the World Health Organisation, preventive measures have been taken by the department, in particular the strengthening of border controls aimed at detecting any infection from endemic areas.

Work has also been undertaken in supporting the capacity of the national public health laboratories and the mobilisation of necessary "medical tools."

Morocco has also decided to advise travellers to countries at risk and strengthen the fight against mosquitoes on airplanes and ships from countries affected by Zika. As a precaution, people from these countries will not be able to donate their blood for a period of 28 days after arrival in Morocco.

A hotline was available to travellers to and from these countries. The number is : 080 100 47 47.

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