Monday, February 27, 2017

Fez Gets Boost From Direct Flights From Marrakech

Fez to Marrakech flights are to be inaugurated by Air Arabia Maroc, as part of a collaboration between the airline and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT). Tourism professionals have long called for links between Marrakech and Morocco's spiritual capital and the new flights should give Fez a tremendous boost in tourist numbers.

Also included in the announcement  on Sunday were positive moves to strengthen tourist activity in Fez through the launch of 14 new international services. Flights between Fez and Marrakech will be scheduled three times a week, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, with prices being kept below 450 dirhams (45 USD).

The internal link between Fez and Marrakech is long overdue as travel between the two major tourist cities has previously involved lengthy train or road journeys. Air Arabia said that this new service is motivated by the fact that Fez and the region around it has great tourist potential.

Commenting on the opening of these new lines, the CEO of the Air Arabia Group, said that "Fez is a major tourist city in Morocco that attracts a large number of European tourists every year. Continuous support to the Moroccan tourism sector and our commitment to offer our customers a facilitated weekly correspondence between Morocco and the various European cities." In addition, "the new internal link between Fez and Marrakech is part of our desire to encourage foreign tourists to visit its two imperial cities," added the official.


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Unknown said...

Great news! Any idea when the Marrakech-Fes route will commence?