Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Surf is up in... Casablanca!

The Atlantic coast of Morocco is well known for its surf, but this  week Tuesday afternoon saw some unusually huge waves striking the Casablanca coastline. Result: The Tahiti Beach Club complex, located on the Casablanca corniche, was submerged by the waters

Surf up at the Tahiti Beach Club

During the afternoon the water level rose several metres and caused material damage. Locals say the problem was exacerbated by the relatively low height of the beach club structures and their proximity to the coast.

This is not the first time such events have occurred. In January 2014, the Casablanca Recreation Club was devastated by giant waves,  making several months of work had been necessary.

On Tuesday the ocean was serving up some gigantic waves further up the coast, one of which resulted in the death of one person and injures to five others. The wave, on the golden beach of Harhoura, a few kilometres from Rabat, also injured six other people who were walking on the beach when the wave took them by surprise.

Giant waves strike Harhoura

Amongst the wounded were two French nationals (a father and son) and three women, who were saved from drowning by lifeguards "The ambulances and the helicopter arrived very quickly," says Hafida, a resident of Val d'Or.

A Canadian resident in the area who wanted to take photographs of  the waves, was also swept away by before being saved by the lifeguards. He had no injuries.


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