Monday, April 03, 2017

Morocco Targets 425,00 Italian Tourists

Through a promotional action based on communication, the enhancement of the cultural and historical heritage and the development of seaside tourism, Morocco aims to attract 425,000 Italian tourists in 2017

According to Jazia Sentissi, a delegate of the Moroccan National Tourist Board (ONMT) in Italy, the figure was 5% higher than the previous year.

"We intend to accompany the enthusiasm of the Italian visitors for Morocco by improving their knowledge of the kingdom from a cultural and historical point of view, while insisting on the stable aspect of the destination," Jazia Sentissi said.

According to Mrs Sentissi, "there is often an amalgam between Morocco and the other Arab and Maghreb destinations", hence the need to "redouble our efforts by multiplying cultural actions in Italian provincial cities as well in the north Than the south of the country ".

Unlike previous years, the preferred actions are those of cultural sharing between the two countries in fields related to gastronomy, cinematographic art and crafts, she added, noting that the participation of the kingdom As a guest of honour at Italian cultural festivals proved to be "an excellent vehicle to publicise our wealth and our history".


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