Sunday, April 23, 2017

Smartphone App to Help Preserve the City of Fez

The city of Fes has just launched a new application for smartphones intended for all its inhabitants. Called "I preserve my city" (je préserve ma ville), it allows its users to report any problems observed in the streets of Fez

If, during a trip, people find lighting that does not work, garbage cans overflowing or a hole in a sidewalk, they send a photo and a comment with their smartphone .

The city services receive the message and launch a team to intervene on the premises . When the problem is resolved, the person who reported it is kept informed ... and warmly thanked.

Thanks to this new mobile phone service, the inhabitants of Fez can all be involved in the cleanliness and good condition of their city . This is a citizen application that we would like to see developed in all the major cities of Morocco. It would allow every city dweller to live in a cleaner and well-maintained environment.

Check it out here:

Je Préserve ma Ville - أحافظ على مدينتي


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