Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tangier ~ A Boost in Tourist Numbers

According to a report of the provincial delegation of Tourism in Tangier, tourist establishments classified in Tangier recorded 75,904 arrivals at the end of February compared to 62,347 during the same period a year earlier, a rise of 22%

The number of international visitors to Tangier reached 36,263 tourists during the first two months of 2017 (+ 42% year-on-year), while domestic tourists totalled 39,641, up 7% compared to the end of February 2016, with an average stay of 2 days.

Over the period, the various classified hotel units in the city recorded 141,715 overnight stays, compared to 113,306 at the end of February 2016, an increase of 25%, with an occupancy rate of 34% compared to 31% at the end of February 2016 .

Spaniards are at the top of the list of foreign tourists who visited the city of Tangier during this period (7,593), followed by the French (4,982),  Arabs (1,886),  Americans (1,677), Germans (710), Belgians (652), Scandinavians (645) and Dutch (598).

Four-star tourist establishments welcomed 24,780 tourists, followed by 3 stars (19,399), 2 stars (11,893), 5 stars (11,072) and one star (5,394), as well as hotel residences guest houses (1,499).

In February alone, some 36,486 tourists visited Tangier compared to 30,324 in February 2016, a 20% increase, the same source said, noting that the number of tourist nights was 68,258, up 23% (55,532), with an occupancy rate of 36%, compared with 33% year-on-year.


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