Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Cities Without Slums" Making Progress

"Cities without slums" is an ambitious programme to eradicate slums from Moroccan cities. Since it was launched back in 2004 it has assisted more than 380,000 families

According to the Minister of National Planning, Town Planning, Habitat and Housing City policy, Nabil Benabdellah, 82% of the total number of families, or 320,829 families, are involved in the programme either at the stage of being fully completed or in progress.

He reported that 18,920 families have been allocated completed units and are waiting to move in, and 43,916 families are waiting units that are under construction.

The Minister indicated that there are several constraints and barriers to programs, including refusal of membership from certain families, expansion of urban areas, natural increase in the families residing in slum neighbourhoods, the difficulty of responding to subfamily demands and changing criteria, the rarity of real estate and the difficulty of accessing bank loans.

Overall, the programme is making progress with 56 out of a total of 85 cities having been declared "without slums".


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