Monday, September 18, 2017

Tangier - Drum and Dance Performance

A fascinating duo for a dancer and a drummer will be performed on the evenings of September 22nd and 23rd in the Beckett Room at the French Institute in Tangier
A choreographic piece by Tess Blanchard with Amaury Blanchard on drums

This is a special collaboration for the dancer and choreographer since the musician was not chosen at random: he is none other than her father, the famous French drummer Amaury Blanchard. This idea emanates from the resemblance between the two interpreters, felt by the choreographer: "I was often surprised when I noticed that my attitudes and expressions on stage were similar to those of my father. We have an energy and a common strength. "

The piece is made up of three elements: the dancer, the drummer, and the drums for only set and musical support; a unique situation where the musician is at the forefront, a real dance partner.

The performances start at 19.30 each evening.


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