Thursday, March 29, 2018

Merzouga Festival 2018 -5th to 8th April

The Merzouga Festival is the place to be for great music in a stunning environment - four days of food, music and nomadic culture

"The nomadic life is more human, and takes into account its environment in a global way. Still today, the nomad puts his life in the hands of nature and considers wandering, traveling, mobility as the only way to establish a link between oneself, the group and the Universe. The nomad is a part of the natural environment, the environment … It goes with the stars, knows the rhythm of the different seasons thanks to all kinds of natural indications …"
Nomadism is above all a link between peoples and species, through the cultures, manners and customs existing on this earth. Nomads are good connoisseurs of nature. They moved according to the seasons, from one stage to another, from one people to another. Over time, they are enriched by different cultures, mystical beliefs, from the perception of heaven and earth, the visible and the invisible.

Merzouga is the default name used to refer to the whole region lying between the city of Rissani and the Algerian border. It includes the villages of Hassi Labiad, Taouz, Khamlia and Merzouga. At the side of the black and rocky desert, red sand rises as far as the eye can see, offering a decoration that keeps changing with the winds and sunlight. It is the Erg Chebbi, an immense set of dunes that are higher than 150 metres. You are at the gateway to the Sahara, the largest hot desert in the world. Welcome to the neighbours of heaven, those whose silence is the greatest wisdom. It is the empire of blue men where smile and hospitality will always prevail. These desert dwellers have a heart as vast as the horizons around them. This place has stopped in time to blend in with the absolute of true beauty, unchangeable, and inexhaustible. His wind seems to tell the origin of Creation. You will find all the simplicity of the world at your feet, and the most distant constellations within reach of your hands.


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