Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Fez, Rabat and Tangier have Flights to Agadir

Air Arabia has announced the launch of a connection between Rabat and Agadir.  The company is also to include two flights from Tangier and Fez to Agadir under the partnership with the Regional Council Souss-Massa.

More than six months after the launch of its air base at Agadir-Al Massira airport, the company wants to link the resort to the capital. This is apparent from the convention that will be submitted to the study and approval of the members of the Regional Council Souss-Massa, at the special session scheduled for Thursday, exclusively dedicated to tourism. On the side of Air Arabia, the objective is also to include, in the framework of the partnership with the regional council, two other connections from Tangiers and Fez to develop domestic tourism. Meanwhile, the Regional Council Souss-Massa undertakes, under this convention, to inject 12 MDH per year for a period of three years, while the price of one way was set at 300 DH for the 80 first seats.

5 months after the launch of the Air Arabia Air Base at Agadir airport, the airline is programming 14 rotations per week to 7 European destinations. According to the management of the company, the filling rate recorded during the first months of the launch is satisfactory, being around 60%.

The low-cost air carrier has, among other things, engaged in promotional activities, particularly with the Scandinavian markets (Denmark and Sweden). One of these actions was the organisation of press trips and eductours, in addition to participation in fairs, including the Danish Travel Show. During this period, the company focused on targeting 60,000 visitors, including 4,000 tourism professionals from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. That said, it should also be remembered that the low-cost airline has transported nearly 45,000 passengers from Dublin, Manchester, Toulouse, Cologne, Munich, Stockholm and Copenhagen, 83% of which are tourists.

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Hi, do you have a link to the info in your post?

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Air Arabia link is in the story -

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Yes I know.
But I meant a link to where the new destinations were announced, can´t find anything about that on their site.