Friday, June 01, 2018

Cherry Festival in Sefrou

Cherry Festival, Sefrou -  28, 29th and 30th of June, 2018

For three days in June each year, the local population of Sefrou celebrates the natural and cultural beauty of the region, symbolised by the cherry fruit and that year's newly chosen Cherry Queen, selected during a pageant that draws competitors from the region and entire country.

Only 35km southeast of Fez, Sefrou is well worth a visit. Share a grand taxi from the stand just down the hill from McDonald's in the new city of Fez. Sefrou is a small town which stands at an altitude of nearly 1000m, has tree-lined streets and a cool breeze that tends to blow even in the summer. The town has a fascinating history as it was a major stopping point for traders making their way from the Mediterranean to the Sahara Desert. And the town was a melting pot of culture as Jewish Berber Moroccans and Algerians settled there from the 13th century.

Cherry Queen

Local community arts organisation, Culture Vultures says: Our suggestion, from an insider’s experience, is start mid-afternoon at the crafts tents, which are well attended and stocked, then move to the t’bourida area for the early evening and finish at the main stage. Know that music can go on until 3 a.m. and the crowd is usually pretty rowdy and that Sunday day is when things start to pack down.

A word of warning!
At the last festival local Moroccans and visitors alike reported a cynical fund raising scam by Sefrou authorities. Visitors' cars, parked legally, were being towed away and police are demanding as much as 400 dirhams to release them. Hopefully they will not repeat the exercise this year!


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