Friday, June 01, 2018

Fez For Visitors - Daytime Eating During Ramadan

Many tourists stay away from Morocco during Ramadan, saying that it is hard to find places to eat during the day. Fortunately Fez does not have that problem. But a walk through the Medina shows that while there are plenty of food and drink outlets, there are few visitors eating in public

A guesthouse breakfast

Fortunately for non-fasting visitors, the guesthouses normally serve delicious breakfasts. There are a few cafes that serve breakfast of good simple food with coffee, tea or orange juice.

A cafe breakfast
Around Batha there are plenty of cafes with no need to wait - however, even after midday they are often deserted. This is not the case in the evening when the restaurants and cafes are full of locals and tourists.

Fortunately the markets have a plentiful supply of food
And for those wanting something substantial, there is always The Ruined Garden, Cafe Clock, Eden at Palais Amani and Fez Cafe.

Cafe Clock
Ramadan is a good time to visit Fez - and you certainly won't starve!


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