Wednesday, February 20, 2019

An App For Visitors to Fez

Fez: A geolocation application to boost tourism

The Regional Tourism Council (CRT) in Fez has just launched a geolocation application. "Downloadable from App store, this tool can locate restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, and craft locations," says Yassir Jawhar, delegate chairman of the CRT.

According to Yassir Jawhar, "tourists could easily go to geolocated locations, give their opinion, buy a service or a product at the lowest cost". "Through this application, the CRT is allied with the objectives of digitalisation launched by the ONMT," adds Jawhar.

Note that an interactive site and a new tourist guide of Fez are being finalised. There is a press trip planned for early March, which will promote the new facets of the destination.



contact said...

Very good, but what is the name of this new application - there are already some, quite commercial. Pascal

Unknown said...

Very cool, in time for visit in April!