Sunday, February 24, 2019

Concern Over Loss of Fez Gardens

Residents of the Fez Medina have expressed concern that the new car park at Ain Azliten will mean the destruction of existing gardens 

Part of a 400 million dh project to build one of eight car parks with a total capacity of 4,000 places, the new Ain Azliten car park will incorporate space which is currently market gardens, orchards, a plant nursery and the courtyard of an historic house.

Abdullah has grown up in the gardens

While it is widely recognised that Medina is in need of more parking amenities for tourists and residents, the gardens are the last remaining green space of significant size in the Fez Medina. About 10 long term residents will be displaced as a result of the development.

Residents for more than 40 years who will be displaced

Last week, a group of about 40 business owners and residents from the nearby Ta'laa Kbira submitted a petition to the Wali requesting to preserve the gardens. "They could at least include part of the existing gardens as public parkland in the development," said Mohamed Elyoussoufi, who was born and brought up in the area. "The only park the Medina has is at Jnan Sbil. The gardens at Ain Azliten will be a real loss for the residents of the Medina. We would like to make something nice, because we love this city."

The courtyard of this historic house is slated for demolition


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