Monday, May 01, 2006

Haifa Wahbi dumps on Morocco

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi appears to be in self-destruct mode. First she decided she wanted to take control of her own affairs and then she stacked on a hissy fit about Morocco. All of which would be pretty ho-hum and boringly typical pampered starlet behaviour, if it wasn't that she appears to be losing control of her career.

Now, in the latest drama, she has really spat the dummy and requested that her business manager cancel all trips to Morocco and to refuse all requests to hold concerts or interviews with the Moroccan press.

Apparently Haifa’s decision is due to what she thought was the mistreatment she faced during her recent visit to Morocco. Haifa claims she was searched in an inappropriate manner by a female security officer at the airport. When Haifa asked why she was being mistreated, the officer said that she simply does not like her. Well, Haifa dear, not everyone is an adoring fan.

In addition, during an interview Haifa held with a Moroccan television station she walked off the set after reviewing the pre-prepared questions, claiming they were drafted to insult her.
Meanwhile, Haifa has begun the countdown for the release of her upcoming album. She seems to have made a mistake in deciding to produced the album herself, although assigned 'Rotana' the responsibility of distribution.

And there's more. Haifa's newest music video music video for the song "Boos Al Wawa" (Kiss the Booboo), has received criticism for being inappropriate, not to mention silly. Filming of the clip lasted for three days.

In the clip Haifa plays a babysitter who is hired by a couple to take care of their one year old child. She begins to care for the child, feeding him and attending to his needs, and suddenly her lover appears, played by an Italian model. Haifa takes the baby with her to meet him.

Haifa was recently in Cairo to record songs for her upcoming album, scheduled for release in the near future. The singer also held work sessions with a number of composers.

Haifa recently gave a performance in Syria, and will begin a tour around the Arab world stopping in Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, and Egypt. The singer explained that she wanted to try something new outside production company guidelines, and so decided to produce her own album. Maybe an asprin and a good lie down would be a good idea.

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Hujaina said...

well done haifa
as if morocco is the most concervative muslim country to not accept haifa whats that mess??

i see they put who ever to welcome VIP in aeroports