Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Another Cinema Lost in Fez

Over the last few years The View from Fez has been charting the demise of some of the great cinema buildings throughout Morocco.
As we pointed out in our story last month, Walking by the the Cinema Boujloud in Fez is a sad experience for anyone who loves old movie houses. Back in 2010 when we did a report on the decline of cinemas in Morocco, we listed Cinema Amal in Fez as still being open.
Now, sadly, we have to report that the old cinema, is closed.

While never one of the great cinemas, it was a favourite movie house for locals, especially for those living in the Fez Medina. The movies on offer were never art house, but the "spaghetti westerns" and Bollywood fare pulled in large numbers.

Now, Cinema Amal is no more. Instead the building has been designated as a "cultural centre". On a positive note, the poster on the building (pictured above) does include a logo representing film, so all may not be lost. We await further developments.

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