Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Visit Barcelona in the Fez Medina

The team from The View from Fez took time out of the office to check out the newest cafe in Fez. The Barcelona Cafe is the brainchild of four Barcelona based businessmen and Moroccan businessman Faisal Lebbar - and it is more than just a cafe.
Faisal Lebbar

Located in a perfect position just above the Ain Azleitan car park at 248 Tala'a Kbira, the cafe is also an art and antique gallery, with the walls and cabinets displaying an amazing array of works from both Morocco and around Europe. From old oil paintings to a superb miniature music box from Switzerland, the collection is extensive and certainly worth taking a look at.

The décor is exceptional

Of course the main reason for visiting is for coffee and cakes. The  coffee is high quality and the home-made cakes are simply delicious.

The cakes, made by Faisal's wife, are exquisite

There is a second floor with more seating which is ideal for those who wish to sit for longer and chat over a cup of cofee. 

The prices, while higher than a street cafe, will certainly not be seen as too expensive for visitors to the Fez Medina.

The paintings, antiques and lamps, on the other hand, are high quality and this is reflected in the prices being asked for them.

A further development is expected by June next year when  the terrace will be operating with a full lunch and diner menu. 

Opening hours are from 8.30am until 9pm seven days a week. And... they have WiFi!

Three of the Barcelona partners -
(right to left)  Faisal Lebbar, Carmen Garcia Alguilera and Carles Xarrie
To contact Faisal Lebbar, email or telephone him on +212 613130705

The upstairs area at Barcelona Cafe
Photographs: Sandy McCutcheon & Suzanna Clarke
Words: Sandy McCutcheon



Anonymous said...

Tout semble parfait dans ce nouveau cafe patisserie sauf le laid turban de la bonne incompatible avec le luxueux decor - je vius souhaite le plein succés dans cette delicieuse entreprise

Aycha said...

En dehors du décor qui me semble digne d'une belle collection d'antiquaire, je me demande en quoi, ce que l'on sert comme boissons ou comme gâteaux est typiquement barcelonnais ?
Il est vrai qu'il y a un incroyable engouement des gens pour l'équipe du Barça dont les posters sont visibles dans pratiquement tous les ateliers et magasins populaires!
Je pense que c'est probablement là qu'on peut trouver la raison du choix de cette enseigne.
Bonne fin d'après midi!

quim said...

I find it an interesting place. The Medina of Fez needed a place. I am a frequent visitor to the Medina and I will not miss this spectacular cafe

cul-de-sac said...

Sono un fan del caffè affascinante. Quando viaggio cerco sempre quei bar che offrono differenziale giocare tutti gli altri. E mi piace anche che il caffè è buono, naturalmente. Questo ristorante, Café di Barcellona, sembra in grado di soddisfare quello che voglio. Esteticamente mi piace e non dimenticare mai una visita se un giorno farò il Marocco. Spero che anche servire un buon caffè. Congratulazioni.

Anonymous said...

come to barcelona cafe and dont be shy . take lil cake and coffe without wondering why