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"Nocturnes Dar Batha" - the music of Morocco

Parallel to the Fès Festival of World Sacred Music, the French Institute of Fez has organised the "Nocturnes Dar Batha". A musical celebration of the ancestral Moroccan people. The "nocturnes" run from Sunday 10 to Thursday, June 14, at 22:30 at Dar Batha. Admission is free.

Members of the Sufi brotherhood, Ahl Touat, performing in Fez

The Programme

Sunday 10
10:30 p.m.
Opening of the exhibition by AMINA CHRAIBI

Born in 1982 in Fez, Amina is a self-taught painter. Through the work  this painter, it captures attention in the medina of Fez, through fusion of paint and traditional zellige beldi . In this work, zellige is placed in a unique world of the artist with a very subjective approach.

Followed by the concert BNET GNAWA

They are young, they are beautiful and they all share a passion for singing Gnawa, traditionally reserved for men. But make no mistake, these "Gnawiyat" Meknes, talented and determined, really have nothing to envy their male counterparts! A colorful and warm evening!

Monday 11
10:30 p.m.
The Brotherhood of Issawa chaired lead by Abdel Fettah Alami

The brotherhood of Issawa originally icomprised the followers of Sidi Mohamed Ben Aissa, a holy man also named Shaykh al-Kamil (the Perfect), who died in 1526. The song is usually collective, especially in the sequences "agitated" when he symbolizes the spiritual communion of all the followers among themselves and with God, but some parts of the ritual, including the dhikr, use a soloist alternating with vocalise choir. The rhythm section is a key element of the song Issawa and is supported by percussion instruments such as drums, various forms tbal taarija, bendir, tara, and idiophones
tassa like, consisting of a piece of copper struck with, rods.

Tuesday 12
10:30 p.m.

These musicians came originally from the borders of Algeria.  The Sufi Ahl Touat, pious travelers, have finally stopped their caravan in Ouazzane where they established their zawiya: the famous Dar Damana. Recognizable for their amazing "dancing sticks", their unique ritual is sure to amaze you.

Wednesday 13
10:30 p.m.

The Maalmat of Meknes are seasoned musicians who perpetuate the fascinating and exuberant ceremony "Masmoudi". This is a rare example of a traditional female group in Morocco, maalmat also welcome "son of Malika" who sing and dance with them.

Thursday 14
10:30 p.m.


Mysterious, strange and captivating, the Sufi brotherhood of Hamadcha carries deep rhythms and the strong tradition of the Sufi rituals of Morocco. Their ceremony, therapy space and devotion for the faithful is a real bridge between the earth and sky. For this evening the Hamadcha will not only share their songs,but also their legends .

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