Friday, July 13, 2012

Morocco's Worst Kept Secret ~ Revealed!

For almost a year rumours have been circulating around the country that one of the most successful cafes in Fez was about to spread its wings and launch in Marrakech. The actual opening may well be a good few months away, but now it is official. Cafe Clock will open in Marrakech next year.

Mike Richardson (pictured above), the man behind Cafe Clock, spoke exclusively to The View from Fez about his plans.

Marrakech has long needed a cultural space and cafe along the lines of Cafe Clock, and fortunately they will get the real thing and not an imitation - and yes, it will be called Cafe Clock.

After a long search, Richardson has settled on a superbly located property in the kasbah in Derb Chtouka. Situated near the Royal Palace it will be easy to find and with broad street access.

Looking down from the terrace to the entrance
There is a lot of work to do on the building, but the internal space of 144 square metres will allow for a downstairs cultural space as well as cinema and cooking school. It is intended the space will also be available for conferences, exhibitions and regular yoga classes. The upstairs will include the cafe and panoramic terrace.

Watch this space - ready for renovation
One of the views from the terrace shows how much work there is to be done
The View from Fez congratulates Mike Richardson on his new project and wishes him well with Cafe Clock Marrakech. And, of course, next will be Tangier, Oujda and Figuig, eh Mike?

If you are visiting Morocco and would like to see what a treat Marrakech has in store, drop in to Cafe Clock in Fez where culture, films, music and cooking classes and great coffee are all available. You will find their website here: Cafe Clock


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