Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Sahrawis Website

Today, approximately 50,000 Sahrawi men, women and children are being held hostage in highly guarded camps in the Tindouf region of Southern Algeria. Right now, nearly 3,000 Sahrawi children, who have been ripped from their families, are being indoctrinated in Cuba. As the international community sits passively, thousands of dollars of donated food, clothing and medicine destined for the captive Sahrawi refugees remains unaccounted for.

A new website has been launched to speak for the men, women and children trapped the concentration camps in Tindouf. The launching of the website coincided with the visit of a delegation composed of Moroccan nationals from the kingdom's southern provinces to the US.

The website aims at informing internet users on the hell endured by the population sequestered by the Polisario Front, on the torture of children taken forcefully from their families and deported to Cuba for a political indoctrination and military training as well as the embezzlement of humanitarian aids which are resold by the Polisario.

“Separated Families”, “Stolen Donations”, “Inhumane Suffering” reads the front page of the website to denounce the violations undertaken by the Polisario for over 30 years.

The site also includes testimonies of Sahrawis who have been deported to Cuba and endured all kinds of manipulation.

“How long will the Polisario Front be allowed to terrorize and manipulate the oppressed Sahrawi people before someone speaks?” exclaimed the creators of the site, which was launched by the Washington-based National Council of Clergy.

The internet users may also download, from the website, a letter which they may address to the State Department, namely to John Hanford, the ambassador in charge of religious freedom in the world.

In the letter, they can express their concern over the situation of people sequestered in concentration camps, denounce the practices of the Polisario and ask the American administration to intervene to put an end to the embezzlement of the humanitarian aids and make sure that the income of the stolen goods does not fund their illegal and terrorist activities.

The Moroccan delegation held meetings in New Jersey and Florida with many religious leaders, pastors and parishioners.

During these meetings, the members of the Moroccan delegation, Saadani Maa Oulainine, Boussoula Mohammed Ebeya, Bachir Edkhil, Ali Najab and Ali El Jaouhar, revealed shocking testimonies about the torture they have been inflicted by the Algeria-backed Polisario.

Check out the website here: Speak for Sahrawis


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