Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mad about Fez.

Recently we have a ran an article on the property scene in Fez that looked at the issue of commissions and viewing fees. One company mentioned in the article was Madaboutfes

Mark Willenbrock runs Madaboutfes, and here he explains a little more about the way he does business.


Madboutfes does indeed charge 10% commission. This includes rather more than just the agents fees.

We do NOT, ever, charge for viewing houses. If anybody has been asked for a fee by an associated simssar and I can confirm this, I will refund the fee. Simssars do sometimes ask for a modest fee for viewing; we pay them directly so the client doesn't have to.

We work closely with a very small group of traditional simssars. They charge, normally, 2.5% to both the purchaser and vendor of the property; 5% in total.

They often have great difficulty in extracting their fee from the vendor, in particular, so, in order to encourage them to work with us, we guarantee the simssar his fee. This amounts to 5%.

We charge 5% for our own services. This includes a years consultancy and support. This is not undertaken lightly; it's a potentially huge commitment.


I should add that I am not, unlike most people involved in the property business in Fes, an amateur. I was trained as a Chartered Surveyor in the UK. My family business was investment property, and I have worked for a number of clients over the last twenty years, specialising in the acquisition of property for development and investment in the international market. I'm not cheap.

Madaboutfes has never advertised, and nor do we need to. The web site is very much a work in progress and does not yet fully explain our fee structure and services, but rest assured, it will.

I should also point out that following a misunderstanding regarding fees, we elected to voluntarily withdraw from a sale and charged no fee whatsoever. It's interesting to note that, without our influence, the price of this property then rose by a substantial amount!

You will find Madaboutfes here:


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