Thursday, July 12, 2007

Morocco steps up roadbuilding

While road accidents are still a major problem in Morocco, the improvement in road construction should eventually create safer driving conditions. Hopefully the road building efforts will be accompanied by further driver education campaigns.

According to Transport Minister, Karim Ghellab (pictured above), some 304 kilometres of highways were built in Morocco since 2002. The minister added that another 635 km are under construction, including the sections of Fès-Oujda (center to east 320km); Marrakech-Agadir (center to south-west, 233km), Tétouan-Fnideq (north, 28km), in addition to 54km to link the Tangier-med port with the national network.

Morocco has recently stepped up by fourfold the construction pace of highways up from 40km a year in the late 80s to 160km a year now, the minister said.

The country aims to build a total of 1,500 km of highways by 2010 (around half of which already exists), for an overall cost of over USD 4.3Bn, 80% of which is lent by international funds.


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lady macleod said...

could they just finish that mile or so below the Oudayas to Marjane? Actually is is coming along quite smoothly and looks lovely. I can't believe they are working in this heat; of course my neighbors think it is COLD here in the winter... different perceptions.