Friday, April 17, 2009

Love & Chocolate in Fez!

Next time you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Fez Medina, grab a taxi and head to Avenue Mohamed Slaoui. Much has changed here in the last few months and a very welcome development is the opening of Amours et Chocolat. This chic cafe/restaurant has become a favourite spot for those who want their chocolate hit delivered with style.

When the rumours about Amours et Chocolat reached us we made a quick excursion to see if the glowing reports were actually true. So, one cool Friday morning, a couple of The View from Fez team descended on the restaurant and here is their report.

The coffee - superb with good strong flavour without excess bitterness.

The croissants - without doubt the best we have had in Morocco. There is much discussion about the difference between the French and Moroccan ones and maybe it is because of a matter of the type of flour used, but no matter, these were perfect.

Pain au chocolat - again superb with a good amount of fine chocolate. The perfect breakfast treat.

Then there were the chocolates. Candied orange sticks dipped in chocolate and small chocolate balls with a variety of fillings from almond paste to coconut. Stunning!

However, the top billing has to go to the small freshly baked apple pastry. Warm from the oven and crammed with flavour; a must have.

The pastries are all cooked at the cafe and there was also a selection of fine breads which looked wonderful.

The cafe is the brainchild of the very welcoming Dan de Mirmont who has done a fine job both in décor and design but also in producing fine products and friendly service. The establishment not only offers the cafe service but also a good standard menu and a daily menu. The prices are reasonable with a lunch of vegetable soup, grilled chicken and fruit for 100 dirhams.

Dan de Mirmont

The View from Fez is happy to recommend Amours et Chocolat.


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