Saturday, May 30, 2009

New restaurant in the Fez Medina

The View from Fez has discovered a wonderful new restaurant in Derb Tariana, just off Tala'a Kebira in the meat and vegetable market near Bab Boujloud.

Souad at le Chameau Bleu.

Le Chameau Bleu
is the brainchild of Souad, owner of the Medina Cafe just outside the Blue Gate. Souad has restored a lovely old house very tastefully, with a wall fountain on the ground floor, soft beige plaster, zellij floors and comfortable seating, both Moroccan banquettes and chairs and tables. The roof terrace is perfect for a summer night.

The menu impressed our team as it features fresh fish including lotte, Atlas trout and sardines, Moroccan dishes including various lamb and chicken options, and pastas with some interesting sauces.

We started with superb home-made citronnade, a refreshing drink on a hot day. We ordered the Atlas trout that had just come in, and were delighted that it was grilled over coals to perfection with some fresh herbs. Accompaniments were rice and some excellent vegetables cooked with whole garlic cloves, spices and chopped ginger.

Prices are reasonable, with main courses ranging from Dh60 to Dh140. This is not fast food - take the time to relax after a hot day's shopping or concert-going during the festival.

Le Chameau Bleu is at 1 Derb Tariana, ph 0535 638 991.
To find it, just walk downhill on either Tala'a and turn into the little street after the Medersa Bouanania.



Piggy said...

The Medina is getting more interesting with the opening of new eating places. I look forward to eating there.
If only the existing eateries would start to serve a specialist dishes instead of all serving the same they too would get new clients.
Lets face it they also need to improve on their cleanliness so that we feel safe eating out in the Medina.

Fez Foodie said...

Miss Piggy, you need to get out more! Street food is safer than most tourist restaurants!