Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road accidents kill 14 in Morocco in 24 hours

Fourteen people have been killed and 38 others injured, seven seriously, in three traffic accidents that occurred in Morocco in the last twenty four hours.

In Salé (Rabat twin-city), five people died and four injured, two seriously, on Tuesday afternoon when a small car collided with two other cars coming from the opposite direction, police sources said.

On the same day, four people were killed and four others wounded, two seriously, in the province of Kenitra (40 km north of Rabat).

According to local authorities, the accident involved a 4X4 car and a small car, killing three passengers on the spot, while a fourth died upon arrival at the hospital.

In Marrakech, five people died and 30 injured, including three seriously, when a coach linking Taroudant to Casablanca overturned on Wednesday morning, according to local authorities.

According to official figures, traffic accidents in the north African country claim an average of 10 lives daily, and cost 2.5% of the country's GDP.


Piggy said...

Morocco - stop trusting in Allah and learn to drive properly.

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