Monday, October 12, 2009

New School of Architecture in Fez

Until now, there's only been one school of architecture in Morocco, based in Rabat but today sees the inauguration of the Ecole Nationale d'Architecture (ENA) in Fez.

students examine details of the Medersa Cherratine

The ENA is to be based in the new city of Fez, and will have a branch in one wing of the newly renovated Medersa Cherratine. The new school has been launched thanks to a partnership between the ENA in Rabat, the Mayoralty of Fez and the Regional College of Fez Architects. It will provide highly specialised training in the preservation and conservation of Morocco's architectural heritage.

The Cherratine Medersa (also known as Medersa Errachidia) is to be found just to the southwest of the Kairouine Mosque, on Derb Cherratine. Built in 1670 by the Alaouite Sultan Moulay Rachid, it was an important seat of learning. It is now, once again, a centre for research open to architects and other highly-qualified specialists.

the Cherratine's central fountain in 2004

the Medersa's central courtyard today

Photo of students:

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Bonjour, merci pour avoir reconduit l'information au sujet de l'inauguration d l'Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Fès. La photo des étudiants d'origine est au blog Remerciements.