Saturday, November 21, 2009

Death of Peace Corps Volunteer

The Peace Corps volunteers and staff throughout Morocco have been shocked by the death of twenty-three year old So-Youn Kim. Her work at Tamagourte in the youth centre has been highly praised by those associated with her. And today, throughout Morocco, Peace Corps workers paused to remember and pay tribute to the young volunteer.

Back in the USA Director Aaron S. Williams echoed everyone's thoughts by saying. "
I am deeply saddened to report a respected member of our Peace Corps family in Morocco, Volunteer So-Youn Kim, unexpectedly passed away today after an illness.

So-Youn, 23, a native of San Francisco and a 2007 graduate of Stanford University, had been serving for one year as a Youth Development Volunteer in Tamagourte. Her primary assignment was in a youth center where she was involved in a wide range of activities in her dual role as English teacher and youth development worker.

Her secondary activities focused on helping the village of Tamagourte’s pottery cooperative and developing an apprenticeship program. She got her hands dirty both literally and figuratively with the lives, pottery and culture of her community. She loved to teach children, support the cooperative and respect the historic craft that is so firmly rooted in that region of Morocco.

So-Youn was a remarkable writer, a voracious reader, a tireless advocate and talented in many languages. Thoughtful and hopeful would be the best way to describe her Peace Corps Aspiration Statement and other communications she has shared.

The View from Fez offers their condolences to the family, friends and Peace Corps volunteers as they mourn the passing of this remarkable young woman.

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