Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eid is coming ... the sheep are getting fat

The whole of Fez is buzzing -or perhaps baaing - with preparations for Eid that takes place on Saturday.

Most families buy a sheep for the festivities that celebrate Abraham's slaughter of a sheep instead of his son, Isaac. The major supermarkets have tents outside in the carpark full of sheep for sale. Alternatively, you can head to the sheep souk at Bab F'touh, as photographer Tom Fakler finds out:

the sheep souk is pretty busy ...

selecting the best animal is very important

you can hire a vehicle to get it home ...

or simply walk it home ...

a carossa is useful in the medina
(photo by Sandy McCutcheon)

Once the sheep (or goat, or for the wealthy, cow) is at home, you'll need to keep it on the roof or in the courtyard. The medina is full of straw-sellers so you can keep the animal well-fed until Saturday.

straw for sale

Knives, axes and saws are on sale everywhere, as is barbecue equipment such as firelighters, grids and tongs. The knife-sharpeners are doing a brisk trade. And then you might need a new kanoun (charcoal burner) and charcoal.

charcoal burners and charcoal at Bab F'touh

On Saturday after the morning call to prayer, HM the King will slaughter two sheep, one for the country and one for his family. After that, the head of the household will slaughter the family's sheep and the party begins.

The View from Fez wishes all its readers a blessed Eid.

Thanks to Tom Fakler for the photographs.


Anonymous said...

Eid al-Kbir (or Tafaska down our way) is a holiday celebrated by Muslims to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael (not Isaac) as an act of obedience to God.

Jeannie said...

Does the King slaughter the animal on live tv?

Anonymous said...

Abraham/Ibrahim ... Isaac/Ismael ... it's the same story for 'people of the book' (ie Muslims, Christians and Jews), even if the names are slightly different.

Driss said...

What a wonderful time of year, and thank you for the story and photographs.

We are looking forward to the King leading the way with the sacrifice, inshallah.

Happy Eid to you all

Alsul - Alentejo said...

A blessed Eid.