Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Medina Gossip - Dar Roumana House Party

Tuesday night saw the annual Dar Roumana House Party - an event that was particularly special this year because it saw the end of one era and the beginning of another.

The View from Fez was invited along and Daphne Fynch-James, our new Society Editor, infiltrated the crowd and emerged to file this report. (Sandy McCutcheon took the photographs.)

Didier dancing up a storm!

Dar Roumana could well be renamed "Dar Romantica" - such was the love in the air at the farewell to two much loved Medina folk; Didier & Justine.

It is claimed that they have spent an entire year in Fez, but it seems so short a time (dear reader, I had only just got accustomed to Justine's cute accent!).

Dancing and eating at the same time is possible!

The fabulous food that Didier created will linger in our memories long after he has departed. And while the vivacious Jen (oh my! how that girl can dance!) has found two admirable replacements, I fear I will have to venture to the antipodes to get my fix of Didier's cooking.

Yes, dear reader, you did not make a mistake. I did say "antipodes"... and not somewhere civilised like Awe-stralia.. but New Zild. Yes... the far off Aotearoa, land of the long white ... thingumy. According to all reports the expecting couple (ooh don't you just shiver when you find out which salon that happened in???) are going to Queenstown. Now, Sandy, who accompanied me to take the photographs, is a New Zealander and swears that Queenstown is simply brill - but, then he also eats Moroccan snails!

Farewell to the old gang

Anyway, Jen (she of the 80's music), has brought a touch of London chic to replace the French chic... The newcomers, Johno and Fern (with a name like that she could well be a Kiwi, but she's not)... and they cooked up some treats and I am booking a seat at their first big dinner to give my weary taste buds a vacation from lamb and prune tagine.

Johno, Fern, Jenifer, Didier and Justine

The real genuine live musicians (so much more satisfying than dead ones) were an absolute treat. and within seconds had Mike from Cafe Clock inventing a whole new dance form, with Gail adding some classy moves most of us would be needing therapy if we performed. No time to describe the frocks... but Dominick was resplendant, his friend in red chinese... ohhhh so zaz! Jen was alluring in black, Kleo was... well simply Kleo-esque and Josephine radiant. The hot news is that 30% of those present had iPhones - ha! - and no wireless! The other 70% wished they did. I mean, I actually saw someone pull out an ancient BlackBerry - talk about the need to renovate!

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