Monday, December 07, 2009

Tarik ~ Ambassador to Disney Land

Tarik and Mike and the famous lemon tart mixture

There were tears on the faces of many of the staff from Café Clock last night as they said farewell to Tarik, the master chef who has worked with Mike Richardson, Max and the crew, since the café opened.

Tarik is off, not on a holiday, but on the trip that will change his life. He has been accepted as a trainee at two major restaurants in Disney Land. The View from Fez caught up with Tarik yesterday and found him excited beyond belief that the "boy from Fez" was off not to Paris or London, places he has dreamed of working, but the USA.

"I will be in Orlando, Florida working in restaurants that specialise in Mediterranean and North African food," Tarik says. He has a grin a mile wide on his face. "It came by chance. A year ago I found a website offering training abroad. I applied to go to Paris, or London. Then, after I sent some documents, to my surprise I was offered a job in the USA. It was a huge surprise."

So, armed with a visa, Tarik leaves today and by the time most people read this, he will have landed abroad for the first time in his life. Mike Richardson is sad to see Tarik go but as he says "It's an opportunity of a lifetime and our best wishes go with him."

And will he return?

"It will be a great experience and I will learn a lot of things and they will be helpful for me here in Fez. Maybe I might try and get experience in France. But I will always come back to Fez,' Tarik says. "I will be back cooking lemon tart like before, but with new ideas."

And in Disney Land Tarik says, he thinks he would like to dress up as Mickey Mouse. The View from Fez wishes Sidi Tarik Mouse all the best.

Tarik is farewelled by Mike


Piggy said...

Tarik one of the nicest people I have met in Fez. This is a chance for him to see the world from another point of view which will improve his chances in life. Well done. Good luck.

Helen Ranger said...

Good luck, Tarik! We all wish you well - and want to hear all about it.

princeof said...

Tarik is the friend who i'never found before, he is my friend and brother allways i'am so happy for him finely his dream become truth. go ahead tarik we are behind you our best wishes to you ,all the luck to you and god bless you for ever
Chafik ilyas