Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another earthquake in Morocco

There have been a number of earthquakes recorded in Morocco in recent months, with the last being in December 2009. A magnitude of 5.5, its epicenter was located off the coast of Tangier. The quake was felt in several cities of Morocco, but caused no damage or casualties.

Before that The View from Fez reported on a magnitude 3.5 earthquake that struck on September 20 at the eastern province of Berkane. The epicenter of the quake was located in the commune of Boughriba Aklim

Now a 4.1 magnitude on the Richter scale has been felt in the province of Larache, in Morocco's north, on Thursday afternoon. No casualties or structural damage has been reported.

The quake occurred around 17 hours (GMT and the epicenter was near the town of Souk El Qolla near the city of Larache. The earth trembled up to 40 kilometers of the epicenter said an official at the National Institute of Geophysics (ING).
An earlier quake, minor, had been registered in the region in September 2008. Its epicenter was located off the coast of Larache.


Anonymous said...

A useful website is the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

Their URL is and it provides an easy to use interface for all quakes in this region.
Des Clark

Anonymous said...

Another major one is predicted to hit northern Morocco on 29-10-2010.

Anonymous said...

i LIVE IN cASABLANCA MOROCCO, will Casablanca get an earthquake in 2010 and when?