Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fez Conference on Marginalised Women and Social Integration

Professor of Gender Studies and UN Gender expert, Fatima Sadiqi, will be co-hosting a Forum in Fez on Marginalised Women and Social Integration from 11-13 March at the Palais de Congres convention centre in Fez.

Prof Fatima Sadiqi

A fascinating array of topics will be presented by representatives from some 20 countries. All the papers will be simultaneously translated into English, French and Arabic. Fatima reports that 'taboo' subjects will be aired and discussed openly, such as women's rights in the Koran, sexual education and domestic violence against women.

Here's the programme:

11 March: morning
Registration, opening and reception
Visit to two centres for single mothers and women in difficult situations in Fez


-Sanja Kelly (The Freedom House , USA): “Recent Gains and New Opportunities for the Rights of Women in the Middle East and North Africa Region”

-Daisy Khan (American Society for Muslim Advancement, New York , USA ): “Women’s Rights in the Koran”

-Fatima Sadiqi (Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University and the International Institute of Languages and Cultures): “Evaluation of Women’s Rights in Morocco between 2004 and 2009”

- Sri Wahyuni (Islamic University, Islamic Council , Indonesia ): “Political Commitment as an Attempt to Eliminate Women’s Marginalization”

12 March: morning

- Awe Ben Adebanjo (Barnabas Trust International, Nigeria): “Women's Rights in African Societies”

- Oliva Espin (San Diego University and the University of Vienna , Austria): “Lessons from the Strengths of the Marginalized”

-Moha Ennaji (Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University and the International Institute of Languages and Cultures): “Violence against Women in Morocco : Theory and Practice”

-Mohamed Ben Ahmed (Secretary General, West African Forum on AIDS and Violence against Women and Children, Ghana) : “Marginality: A Hindrance to the Development of Women”

afternoon: parallel session (1)

- Rachida El Uriaghli (President, Moroccan-German Jossour Association): “Moroccan Women and Marriage in Germany

-Ziba Mir-Hosseini (London Middle East Institute and New York University): “Dealing with Domestic Violence: the Iranian Case”

-Ajay Kumar (President, Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi , India ): “The Constraints of Marriage in India

-Souad Slaoui (Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University , Fez): “The Negative Impact of Early Marriage”

parallel session (2)

-Amina Magdoud (College of Law , Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University ): “Single Mothers and Marginalization”

-Fanny Debarre (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense , France) : “Family Breaks in Casablanca . From Broken to Renegotiated Bonds: Parenthood in Movement”

-Andreane Gagnon (University of Ottawa, Canada): “Sexual Education as a Lever of Development”

-Sara Borillo (Oriental University, Napoli , Italy): “Moroccan Women and Religion”

13 March: morning

-Hakima Hatri (Al- Qarawiyyin University , Fez) : “Abandoned Children and Marginalized Women: What Relation?”

- Malika Akham (University of Blida, Algeria): “Women on the Fringes of Society”

-Amel Grami (University of Tunis): “Unmarried Women Have a Voice”

-Afraa Hariri (Director, Center of Social Assistance, Aden , Yemen): “Social Insertion of FemalePrisoners in Yemen

afternoon: parallel session (1)

-Fawziah Al-Hani (Human Rights Activists Network, Saudi Arabia): “Saudi Women and Marginalization”

-Sabah Aoufi (March 8 Association of Immigrant Women): “The Situation of Moroccan Women in Spain

-Zhor Houti (Saiss College of Arts, Fez): “House Maids and Social Marginalization”

-Annie-Marie Malleo N’Durabo (President, Synergy of Associative Movements of Women and Young Girlss, Democratic Republic of Congo) : “The Marginalization of Young Girls in Congo

afternoon: parallel session (2)

-Anita Vandbelt Milhelm (iknow Politics, Jordan): “How Marginalized Women Can Use Online Networking Tools for Political Empowerment”

-Maya Boutaghou (Florida University): “How does Algerian Cinema Represent Marginalized Women?”

-Rachid Bouriyat (Director, Moroccan-German League, Germany ): “Moroccan Women, Migration and Marginalization”

- Eltegani Omer Ali (President, Humanitarian Aid and Development Organization, Yemen ): “The Marginalization of Women in Yemen

-Azza Maghur (Lawyer, Libya) and Entissar Ibrahim Elbahi (Engineer, Lybia) : “Marginalized and Voiceless Women in the Lybian Legislation/The Case of the Protection House for Women”

There will also be two film screenings:

Muslim Women’s Rights (Daisy Khan, ASMA International Network)

Divorce Iranian Style (Ziba Mir-Hosseini, London Middle East Institute and New York University )


Anonymous said...

Any idea what language this will be in? Derija, French (translation?)

Helen Ranger said...

If you read the first paragraph, you will see that there will be simultaneous translation into Arabic, French and English. Speakers will present their papers in Arabic, French or English.

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Melodee said...

How can we register and volunteer for this wonderful event?

Helen Ranger said...

Hi Melodee
This conference is FREE. There are no registration costs because the owners want to enable students and associations to attend.
I don't know about volunteering, but you can contact Fatima Sadiqi at

Melodee said...

Great! One more thing. What is the address of the Palais de Congres in Fes and how do we get there?

Helen Ranger said...

The Palais de Congres is on Ave Allal ben Abdullah, next to the Hotel Volubilis. You can taxi a small red taxi there, or walk up from Ave Hassan II. Cross the junction with the fountain with the globe statue; Ave Allal ben Abdullah continues on from Hassan II. The Palais is on the left.

Melodee said...

What time does the event begin on Thursday?

Helen Ranger said...

Hi Melodee
Registration is at 09h00, and it starts at 09h30.