Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cable Car Plan for Mount Zalagh?

Sketch of proposed "incline rail"

An intriguing article with the above illustration came across our desk at The View from Fez today. The article from a Spanish source suggested that there may soon be official announcements of a proposed cable car and tourist development on Mount Zalagh. Ibn Warraq went to investigate.

The view from Mt Zalagh at night

"Madrid - Sources close to the BSMF Spanish consortium say that CEO M J Martinez will soon announce a deal between BSMF and German group Deutsche AL-SA, to construct a tourist cable car or incline railway and reception / restaurant area on a proposed viewing platform at the top of Mount Zalagh (900m) adjacent to the Moroocan city of Fes."

To say I was bemused would be mild. Why is it that every mountain and landmark needs to be exploited? I was reminded of the Sufi master Abu Madyan: "At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I attended the lectures of several spiritual masters. When I heard the explanation of a Koranic verse or a saying of the Prophet, I used to immerse myself in it completely. I would flee to an uninhabited place on Jebel Zalagh and apply myself to the exercises to which God had inspired me ..." I wonder what the great Abu Madyan would have to say. However, many other people I spoke to thought it was a good idea if the proper safeguards were put in place.

According to Dr Hans Huppel, a design engineer with Deutsche AL-SA "A preliminary feasibility study has gathered information about rock types, wind velocities and suitable areas for the viewing platform. There is also the issue of earthquakes. Tectonic data on the Quaternary stress fields derived from our fieldwork and from literature, consistently with the revised focal mechanisms in the region, indicate active shortening oriented NNW–SSE to N–S in northern Morocco. The data collected seem therefore to indicate the thrusts of the Rides Prérifaines". He went on to say that an environmental impact study would be undertaken in the coming months. "This will be an exciting project linking Spanish investment and German know-how," Dr Huppel enthused.

When pressed about the route the cable car would take, Dr Huppel declined to comment other than to say, "All options are being considered. For example, if an aerial cable system is too wind-effected then an incline railway is possible". Observers suggest that the present road route would not be feasible, nor provide the optimum cost effectivness if an incline model was adopted.

Other sources suggest that any development could be expanded to include a small hotel, but stressed that both the German/Spanish initiative and any accommodation construction would not be allowed to impact on the mountain's skyline profile.

A Fassi tourism consultant, who declined to be named, said that he favoured the project but added a cautionary note. "All the strict planning codes would need to be adhered to and local authorities fully informed on every stage of the project."

Mount Zalagh is popular with mountain bikers and Professor Pat Dangar of Johannesburg, SA (pictured above), said he would welcome a viewing platform and restrooms, as long as the sky-cable option was chosen as an incline railway would probably cut across the mountain's many trails. "Sky would be my pick," he said. "Heck, the last thing I want to do is have to stop on a good ride to let a train go past! But, the view from Mount Zalagh is extraordinary and sadly most visitors are unable to avail themselves of the time or transport needed to enjoy it."

For those interested in further technical information and photographs of the project, please follow this link: Technical Info


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T.G Boyle said...

Oh exciting! I can't wait. The technical info was very helpful. :) Thanks so much for making my day.

Charlie Cracker said...

You guys take the prize for... well, you know what! What a great article and I am a cable car nut! Well done, indeed.

Piggy said...

Lets get Disney in and then we can have a 'Fez Theme Park' Uggh!!!

Brad said...

Well, some people seem to have missed the point. LOL. Well done! It took me a couple of minutes... DUH! You got me!

richard said...

I am lost in admiration of the ingenuity of those who are supposedly responsible for the so-called development of this ancient city. Their imagination is as boundless as their well-stocked pockets are undoubtedly full. In the past five years the médina has introduced motorbikes, dumptrucks and three wheelers which are quickly replacing mules and donkeys; a new zellig flooring for the oldest university in the world, incorporating a complete change from the former colours; concrete walls to disguise and hide the cemeteries that have encircled the médina for centuries; a Smiley-faced marketing campaign that blights the Fes el Bali...the list continues.
And now! Let's take the Disney ride to the top of Zalagh, after cutting down the forest which already suffers from storms and neglect. Instead of tens of responsible picnic-parties, let's have thousands in restaurants and cafés and the inevitable showers of litter that blight other exceptional beauty-spots throughout the country as soon as tarmac or railways (!) are blustered throught the ecology.
Someone, somewhere, who does not have a vested interest in 'tourism', must put a stop to this and all the other crazy and half-cocked schemes that are destroying the dignity of Fes. It may already be too late, but voices must be heard and now.

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poisson d'avril?

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Mmm someone did not think that maybe the first day of April is Fools Day! Good one!