Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wet wet wet in Fez

No, not the Scottish boy band from the 80s, but rain, and a lot of it.

a wet medina street

A couple of weeks ago, we were having typical spring weather in Fez - some nice showers, then a bit of sun, just perfect to make the trees bud and the plants perk up.

But the last few days have seen torrential rain, thunder and lightning and hail storms. On Saturday there were severe storms that turned the medina streets into rivers. The rain has been pelting down all day today, sometimes horizontally to make the securest house leak.

And there are dire consequences. The land around Fez is completely flooded, the railway line from Tangier is out of action and buses have been laid on for passengers between Tangier to Kenitra.

Weather in other countries is also playing havoc with tourism in Fez. Storms in Germany have prevented travellers from getting to airports so they miss their flight to Fez, and in Spain several flights have been cancelled.

Sunshine is promised for Sunday, insha'allah.


Anonymous said...

What's the cause or causes of these unusual superwet weather in Morocco?

Piggy said...

On the positive side it will clean the streets of the Medina.
Anonymous - in answer to your question it is 'mankind'

JohnL said...

I think that someone needs to brush up on their knowledge of popular culture. Wet wet wet may have been cheesy and soppy, but a 'boy band' they were not.

Christine W said...

When you get to my age, John, they are all boy bands!

Anonymous said...

So, you're complaining of some
persistant moderate rain that's beneficial for the environment !

Check this flash flood developed in less than one minute in Sidney/ Aussie: