Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spanish couple killed in Asilah

The seaside town of Asilah, just south of Tangier, was today the scene of the murder of a Spanish couple.

The English-language website, Barcelona Reporter, tells of a man and a woman, whose identities have not yet been released, who were stabbed during the night by a stranger who stole their money and passports.

According to police sources, the alleged murderer also stole the couple's car. However, later that night he collided with a truck, which led to his arrest.

The investigators of the case remain in the victims' house. They were a middle-aged couple who lived in Madrid and who had been taking holidays for the past ten years in this tourist town. The alleged murderer, who was not injured in the accident, has already been moved to Tangier for questioning.

The crime scene has a significant police presence, including members of the Judicial Police who have come from Casablanca, locals said. Asilah is a resort much frequented by the Spanish, many of whom have purchased second homes.

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orucly said...

This is...awful, so awful.

I can't believe it we're reaching such points of violence and rape of Moroccan hospitality