Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sufi Festival update

The combined effects of flights cancelled due to volcanic ash over Europe and bad weather in Fez have conspired to make events at the Fes Festival of Sufi Culture run less than smoothly.

Faouzi Skali chats to Jalal Eddine Weiss

Founder Faouzi Skali's wish to begin the conference in the garden of the Batha Museum was frustrated by a downpour, and the afternoon eventually took place in the Prefecture hall opposite.

Later that evening it was discovered that the concert had been moved to the Jnan Palace Hotel in the Ville Nouvelle. And a superb concert it was, given by Sheikh Habboush from Syria and Jalal Eddine Weiss.

Whirling dervish

The conference this afternoon, Sunday, was cancelled because several speakers were unable to come to Fez. The evening concert will again be held at the Jnan Palace. The schedule of events for tomorrow, Monday 19 April, is as yet unclear.

Photos: Omar Chennafi

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