Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fez Festival tickets give-away

Eric and Peggy Messer from the USA were all set to come to Fez for the Sacred Music Festival - they had their accommodation booked and their concert tickets ordered. At the last minute, Eric has to go into hospital for an operation, and their trip is cancelled.

As Eric can't get a refund on his tickets, he's asked us to give them away to a local resident. Most Medina residents can't afford to attend the events at Bab al Makina, so this is a great gesture.

So, if you know someone who would enjoy these concerts, tell us who and why you think they deserve them.

Bab el Makina concert venue

The tickets are:
*2 category A seats for Ben Harper's concert on Saturday 5 June
*2 category A seats for the Africa Spirit concert of Sufi music from Zanzibar and Burundi on Sunday 6 June
*2 tickets to the Night in the Medina (a series of 7 concerts across the medina) on Monday 7 June

200 Euros' worth of tickets, six lucky recipients! Let us know who you nominate.
Thanks to Eric and Peggy, and we wish you well.


Kathy said...

What a superb gesture! I don't know anyone to nominate, but I am certain you will find worthy recipients.

Maria Luna said...

Hi, I would like to nominate two of my friends. They are a married couple who spend only about 5 months out of the year together. At the time of the concert they will both be in the area. One of them lives in Meknes while her spouse travels for work. I think it would be exciting to have them both go and spend a wonderful night out. They are both very nice and pleasant friends. I would be happy to give you the contact information if you choose them. Thank you.

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