Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hendiras: Beginners Guide to Moroccan Carpets #3

Following our articles on Zaiane and Zemmour carpets (see it here) and the shaggier Beni Ouarain and Marmoucha (see here), we now take a look at hendiras. We're cheating a bit here, because hendiras are not carpets, but are often sold in the same outlets, and can be used as rugs.

a particularly fine Beni Ouarain hendira

A hendira is a rectangular cloth usually made of wool, sometimes with linen or silk added, and is traditionally used as a cloak. Women usually make these for their daughter's trousseau. The hendira can be thick with a shaggy pile on the inside (sometimes with sequins), or fairly lightweight. Some are highly patterned, some plainer. The intricacy of the work and the quality of the wool will determine the price. They're often natural shades of cream, but sometimes black. They make beautifully warm bedspreads, or throws for couches, or wallhangings.

the hendira as traditional cloak

The loose loops of wool on the inside of a heavy hendira would be worn on the outside during snowy weather. The snow would fall off the loops easily so that the cloth doesn't become sodden.

shaggy side out for snowy weather

another Beni Ouarain hendira

The View from Fez would like to thank the Bouzidi-Idrissi family who generously gave of their time and expertise in compiling this series of articles. All the featured rugs are available (or similar styles)and can be freighted anywhere in the world! You will find the shops on the Talaa Kebira in Fez - (phone 0535636946 email

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