Monday, May 24, 2010

Ice Hockey in Morocco

Most people do not think of ice hockey when they think of Morocco, but think again! The International Ice Hockey Federation welcomed its 69th member as the application of the Moroccan Ice Hockey Association as an associate member was accepted by the Annual Congress in Cologne on Saturday.

Morocco has an ice rink in its capital city of Rabat since 2005 that is used by three clubs and about 90 players. A national team participated in an invitational tournament, the 2008 Arab Cup, together with IIHF members Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, and Algeria.

Team photo in Rabat of the squad that represented Morocco in the 2008 Arab Cup
Photo: ANMHG

Address: Association National Marocaine de Hockey sur Glace (ANMHG)
576, Avenue Allal El Fassi Secteur 5
Hay Salam
11000 Salé

Phone: +212 66 25 48792

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