Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moroccan Photography Competition #29

Marrakech - photographer, Tiffany Aires

A  regularly updated collection of all the  photographs is now available   on The  View from Fez Photo  Journal

If you would like to submit a   photograph  taken in Morocco, please email it in jpeg or gif format to and put "photo entry" in the subject line.


Pema said...

I wonder if a benefactor would cough up to make big prints of all the photos so that VFF could put on an exhibition -- at The Batha Museum perhaps? And maybe even invite a royal to judge it? Or more in line with socio-democratic principles how about Dris Bouabid from Association Fes Dhar El Mehraz? This might go some way towards making up for the appalling treatment he received from the Sacred Music Festival in 2008.

Anonymous said...

You should probably consider the copyright implications of doing something like that. It would be against copyright law to print any photo without the owner's written permission.

The View from Fez said...

Pema's comment aside, there is no copyright issue as the photographers permission is implicit in entering the competition. However, we have not intention of displaying photographs anywhere except at the award ceremony in October.