Thursday, June 17, 2010

Festival of Amazigh Culture in Fez

The 6th Festival of Amazigh Culture will be held from 1-4 July at the Palais de Congres in Fez.
Organised by the Spirit of Fez Foundation in collaboration with the Fes-Saiss Association and the South North Centre, with support from the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, the University of Fez and the BMCE Foundation, the festival has as its theme Migration and Hybridity: the Maghreb-Europe Paradigm. The Festival Director is Dr Moha Ennaji.

The word Amazigh is a collective name for the various Berber people living in the Maghreb.

the Amazigh flag, symbol of all the Amazigh peoples

Here is the programme:

16h00: opening
17h00: tribute to El Houssain el Moujahid, Secretary General of the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (RIAC)
17h45-19h50: talks by Gérard-François Dumont (Rector of the University of Paris-Sorbonne); Mohamed Taifi (University of Virginia); Fatima Boukhris (RIAC); Fatima Sadiqi (INLAC, Fez);

20h00 at Boujloud Square
-Ahidous Ouyoun Oum Errabie
-Groupe Imazzalen

21h30 at Bab al Makina
-Ahidous Ouyoun Oum Errabie
-Charfadi (Italian group)
-Abdelaziz Ahouzar

FRIDAY 2 july
Morning talks from 09h00 by Tijani Boulaaouali (Netherlands); Abdelkader Benhamadi (University of Oran); Smaïn Laacher (France); Bashir El Kot (University Al Fateh); Hassan Id Belqacem (RIAC); Bennacer Azday (RIAC); El Houssain El Moujahid (RIAC); Didier Le Saout (University of Paris 8);
Afternoon talks from 15h00 by Nabil Cherni (University of Manouba, Tunisia); Alfonso de Toro (University of Leipzig); Khalid Zekri (University Moulay Ismail, Meknès); Amel Grami (University of Manouba, Tunisia); Charles Bonn (France); Zahia Salhi (University of Leeds, UK); Sanae Ghouati (Universit Ibn Tofail, Kénitra); Moha Ennaji (INLAC, Fès); Salim Jay (Moroccan writer, France)

20h00 at Boujloud Square
- Oriental dance Alforja
- Singer Mourad Majid

21h30 at Bab al Makina
-Groupe Tagadda
-Fashion show of Moroccan Caftans (Couture Quatre Saisons)
-Singer Abdellah Daoudi

Morning talks from 09h00 by Maati Kabbal (Institut du Monde Arabe); Jilali El Koudia (University of Fez); Jean-Marie Simon (French writer); Assia Belhabib (University Ibn Tofail, Kénitra); Mustapha Bencheikh (University Ibn Tofail, Kénitra); Aïcha Bouhjar (RIAC); Azelarabe Lahkim Bennani (University of Fez); Fouad Brigui (University of Fez).
Afternoon talks from 15h00: Abdelouahad Mabrour (University Chouaïb Doukkali, El Jadida); Abdelkrim Chiguer (University Moulay Ismail, Meknès); Khalid Bekkaoui (University of Fez); Michiel Leezenberg (University of Amsterdam).
16h30-17h00 Poetry readings from Mohamed Ouagrar, Asmae Belkasmi, Bassou Oujebbour, Abdellah Ahllal and Abid Himmich.
17h00-18h00: the stories of Jean-Marie Simon
18h00: Fashion show of Amazigh costumes (Hajiba Belghazi)

20h00 at Boujloud Square
-Group Ahwash Tissant
-Group Fuzanarouz

21h30 at Bab al Makina
-Group Ahwash Tissant
-Group Tagrawla (Algeria)
-Singer Ammouri Mbarek

17h00 at Complex al Houriya: Film screening Itto Titrit by Hicham Ayouch (producer Mohamed Abbazi)

20h00 at Boujloud Square
-Group Tifraz
-Polish group Joculatores

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